Joint Border Post of LalerabaInfrastructures and equipments

In the framework of the West Africa Regional Transport and the Transit Facilitation Program developed by the WAEMU and ECOWAS commissions, Scanning Systems signed in May 2016 a BOT concession contract with the WAEMU commission, for the design, financing, construction, equipment and operation of the Joint Border Post of Laléraba (at the border Burkina Faso-Côte d’Ivoire).

The ceremony of laying the foundation stone for the construction of this Joint Border Post was held on November 7th 2016, in the presence of the Ministers of Transport of the two border States, the local authorities and the WAEMU’s DATC Commissioner.

The architectural and technical studies for the construction of this post have been carried out. Construction work will start during the second half of the year 2019.

Project details

Date: August 2015


Type : BOT