BCS : Activity Management Platform at the JBPsIT System

As an instrument of integration, the Joint Border Post (JBP) aims at encouraging a synergy between the administrations of the neighbouring countries in order to provide greater security and accelerate border crossing procedures through effective and efficient controls.

This involves ongoing communication and information sharing between actors working at the JBP using acomputerized platform.

BCS (Border Control System) provides an answer to this need for collaboration by establishing a platform that gathers all the actors involved in the interstate transit chain.

Designed and developed by the concessionaire’s internal resources, the first version of the software was an alternative solution to a single automated customs clearance system in West Africa that could be a solution to the custom systems interconnection issue.

The BCS aims at:

  • Reducing transit times and costs as well
  • Avoiding double entry by speeding up transactions
  • Ensuring the interconnection of the different actors working at the JBP through a single platform.
  • Strengthening the operational capacity of both states through a modern computerized information sharing system
  • Making border crossing statistics more reliable
  • Facilitating and securing bilateral dialogues for the implementation of best commercial practices
  • Helping border administrations to carry out a rapid control of users by anticipating information;
  • Reducing border delay costs

The BCS permits to follow a user from his departure place up to the border of the country of destination. It enables administrations to handle in advance border crossing procedures. It also provides statistical tools which, at any time, show the traffic flow at the borders.

The main operation procedure is stated as follows:

  • Planning a user’s border crossing
  • Validating the user’s arrival at the JBP
  • Collecting weighing and scanner data
  • Issuing the transit fee payment receipt
  • Validating the user control carried out by the administrations
  • Validating the user’s departure

The advantages of such solution lie in:

  • The availability of critical information in real time,
  • The availability of reliable statistical data for better decision-making,
  • The possibility to share traffic data among the control services

The access to other IT systems in the States concerned, namely SYDONIA

Project details

Date: March 2018


Type: BOT