Adébayo ALADEOperations Manager (TOGO)

Adebayo ALADE
areas of expertise
  • Commercial Management
  • Master Degree en Commercial Management, ESGIS (École Supérieure de Gestion Informatique et des Sciences)

After the baccalaureate A4 at Collège Protestant de Lomé-Tokoin, Adébayo continued his studies at “École Supérieure de Gestion Informatique et des Sciences” (ESGIS) and obtained a Master degree in Commercial Management in 2005.

In 2007, he obtained a Master degree (Master 1) in International Management (ESGIS).

With this graduation, he searched for practical internships on the Togolese Labour market and joined leading financial and commercial institutions.

In 2010, Adébayo joined SCANNING SYSTEMS SA where he is, since then, the Operations Manager at the representative office in Togo.