2016, SCANNING SYSTEMS year of excellence

Our Company’s commitment to the facilitation of inter-state trade and the promotion of African integration was rewarded by the 1st prize for Best African Integration Promoter 2016, awarded in August 2016 by the President of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, His Excellency Alassane OUATTARA.

the BOT, our funding model based on Public Private Partnership.BUILD. OPERATE. TRANSFER


An Ivorian company created since 2008, SCANNING SYSTEMS SA is specialized in the design, funding and implementation of innovative infrastructures projects in the transport sector using the BOT (Build Operate and Transfer) system.

Located in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, and in order to better coordinate its operations which are conducted mainly in Cinkansé (at the border of Burkina Faso / Togo), the company has established representative offices in Ouagadougou and Lomé.


The activities of SCANNING SYSTEMS SA mainly consist in implementing, through Public Private Partnerships, new logistic platforms which include quality infrastructures, cutting edge equipments and high-tech computer systems. Example: the Joined Border Posts (JBP).

The BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) is a financing system used in the implementation of a Public Private Partnership based project. It is a contract whereby the contracting authority (the States, regional organizations, etc.) entrusts a private operator with the construction, financing, operation and maintenance of infrastructures. In turn, to recover its costs, the latter receives its remuneration from the charges paid by the users. At the end of the contract, the asset is transferred to the contracting authority.

A Joint Border Post is an extraterritorial infrastructure which gathers the control services and administrations of two cross-border States in order to make inter-State exchanges easier, simple and more fluid.

The administrations of the two states, gathered on the same site, carry out the following actions:

  • Joint and harmonized control operations (customs, police, immigration, phytosanitary …)
  • Verification and weighing of goods
  • Interconnection of customs IT systems in order to simplify and accelerate border crossing procedures